Your brand voice is how you communicate with the world. It is the first thing about our company that attracts prospective customers. When speaking to our clients in any capacity, it is important to never deviate from it. Our “inner voice” must at all times maintain our core values and beliefs. It is what distinguishes US from “them,” our competitors. 
Originality. This aspect of our personality eclipses all else. It is our fundamental truth here at Marley G (Marlo G) and can be applied to every aspect of our brand and branding. From original designs, approach, packaging, and marketing to our internal beliefs, company defined moral system, and our encouragement to “BE YOU.” We support acceptance and have created a “Judgement FREE Zone.” This is how we relate to our target demographic and distinguish ourselves as a company. 
Marley G (Marlo G) thrusts itself into the 2018 market riding on the playful nature of the product we purvey. We exude brand personality as vivacious, endearingly dorky nature to create an instant customer connection. This casts a broad net over every demographic, granting us greater access to a more extensive network of consumers. Marley G (Marlo G)’s niche rests in our personality and commitment to embrace people from all walks of life.
We don’t sell pot to people. At Marley G (Marlo G), we happily share our good fortune finds rather than bogarting the good green for ourselves. Our 100% Premium Bud is BOLD, SWEET STICKY ICKY and we know it. We sling the highest quality green commodity sans the serious tone that many cannabis brands have chosen as their approach. Cannabis brands now seek to distinguish themselves from their past history in the black market by portraying themselves as an earnest commodity. At Marley G (Marlo G), we are all about acceptance on every level, hence our cocky attitude.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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